Skidder Spreader

All DFI products are engineered to meet the applications and provide you the customer with years of service ability. Our products are made in the USA and comply with DOT requirements. We pride ourselves on the strength and durability of our designs. Each of our products are welded inside and out to prevent metal fatigue so you can get the maximum efficiency of your product. For more information on any of our products contact DFI. 


  • Size and shape of the hopper will be determined based on machine and customer needs 
  • Mild steel spreader body 
  • Fertilizer application 
  • Standard side design 

  • Hopper and motor mount made from 1/4″ plate 
  • 1/4 plate floor with formed channel stiffener for straightness 
  • Bumper is made from 3/8″ plate 
  • Extra shields on the side and underneath is 3/8″ plates 
  • Lid is 3/16″ and reinforced and plated for extra strength 
  • Doors have 2- 24″ cylinders 
  • 16″ Stainless steel web chain 
  • DT66 hydraulic drive motor 
  • Twin 3/16″ mild steel spinners dishes with 1/4″ mild steel blades 
  •  Inverted permco M2500 spinner motor with shields
  • Heavy duty 1 1/4″ u-joints and shaft going to spinners with 1 1/4″ pillow block bearings under spinners
  • Stainless divider chute with adjustmont  screw
  • Stainless metering gate with long adjustable handle 
  • Stainless seals in 2″ rear roller bearings 
  • 1 1/4″ front roller shaft & bearings 

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