Skidder Sprayer

All DFI products are engineered to meet the applications and provide you the customer with years of service ability. Our products are made in the USA and comply with DOT requirements. We pride ourselves on the strength and durability of our designs. Each of our products are welded inside and out to prevent metal fatigue so you can get the maximum efficiency of your product. For more information on any of our products contact DFI. 


  • 500–1000-Gallon tank- all ¼ “T-304 stainless steel, size may change a little according to the tractor. 

  • Baffles run length wise and cross wise

  • Stainless steel manway collar

  • 2” cam lock to fill 

  • Bottom sump for suction to the spray pump 

  • Sight Gauge 

  • Hydraulic driven centrifugal pump 

  • Spraying System with option to spray right, left and middle 

  • Spraying System tip model TK-7.5 for behind the tractor 

  • 2 Boom Buster Nozzles for right and left side coverage 

  • Cab Control pressure regulation 

  • Guidance System will be Matrix Pro 840GS with patch antenna for guidance 

  • Tank Sub Frame and Spray Tip Structure made of 4”x 6” X 3/8 rectangular tube

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