Drop In Water Tank

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  • 3/16” Carbon steel construction /sides /ends baffles

  • ¼” carbon steel tank bottom plate / for added tanker life 

  • Tank size 16’ long X 6’ wide X 6’ high 

  • Overall length 18 ft. allowing 2 ft. for pump, plumbing, and engine frame

  • Three baffles / cross section baffles with 18” man-way / 3/16” carbon steel 

  • Lifting eyes at each corner on top of the tank

  • Sight gauge / ladder to the top / Manway 

  • Unit notched in the front of the tank for the hydraulic dump cylinder (doghouse)

  • Primed, and painted

  • 390CC Honda gasoline powered electric start engine

  • 3” self-priming centrifugal Flow-max MP 15 pump rated @ 350 GPM

  • Plumbed for suction, and discharge (Valves / Tees / Fittings)

  • Unit can be filled from any water source (Pond fill pipe Sold optional)

  • All 3” plumbing / 3” fire hydrant fill pipe / 3” pond fill connection

  • Two air operated spray B/MC71A-3 spray heads / Rear mounted

  • Hannay spring rewind hose reel w/50 ft of 1” hose w/ adj. nozzle   

  • Spray heads are adjustable for flow, and discharge

  • Quick disconnects for spray head operation