Water Trucks and Tanks





Tank Configuration

Modified elliptical, or flat side “O“ round low profile tank.
Tank is 14’ Long X 5‘Tall X 8’ Wide.
1/4” carbon steel construction for bottom and end plates.
3/16” carbon steel baffles & top.
Inset tank ends with break for added strength.
Two cross baffles / 2” tubular bracing / with gussets.
14’of 3” internal plumbing each tank.
Internally mounted zinc anodes.
20” manway with surge baffle.
3” fire hydrant fill w/ 2 ½” fire hose adapter.
Lifting eyes at all four corners.
Rear mounted Ladder for easy access to man-way.
Carbon steel fenders are welded to the tanker.
All DOT lights as required (brake, stop, reverse and running)
Primed, and painted White.

 Design and Function

The DFI tanker package is designed to maximize efficiency, while minimizing maintenance cost. The fully hydraulic system is designed to maximize the chassis life by operating the engine at a low RPM, while operating the water pump at the required RPM.

 All air operated spray heads are independently operated thus allowing the operator the ability to optimize flow, direction, and water usage.  The full 3” plumbing allows for a maximum water volume and performance.  All DFI Systems are designed to self fill as well as be filled from a fire hydrant and/or secondary pumping system.

Pump & Spraying System

 Air Shift PTO for manual transmission / direct mount PTO pump.
Complete hyd. system designed to operate chassis at low RPM, but maximize pump speed.
30 gallon hydraulic reservoir with filtering system and vented fill cap.
Berkeley 4” X 3’ straight centrifugal pump rated @850GPM.
Self loading system for Berkeley pump / Unit can be filled for any water source includes reservoir.
air operated BMC71/A-3 spray heads mounted on rear of tank.
Two air operated street washer heads and 3/32” nozzle
mounted on front spray bar.  Adjustable 6 ways for optimum cleaning.
Spray heads are adjustable for both direction and volume.
Low point drain valves located on the front and rear spray bar, and at the water pump.
In-cab controls for all functions with separate air switch for each spray head.
Hannay 1” Spring rewind hose reel with 50’ of 1” hose and adjustable nozzle.
DFI 2” air operated turret monitor with 90 degree rotation and dual joy stick control.

Sub Frame Assembly

6” heavy duty carbon steel sub frame assembly welded to tanker.
Sub-frame designed for all US manufactured over the road chassis.
Welded mounting brackets with gussets.
Chassis drilled & line bored.
Sub slate material UHMW for chassis protection.  Grade “8” mounting bolts.
Sub frame 14ft long with 24” extended rear bumper includes expanded metal bottom.

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