Soil Stabilization


Soil Stabilization / Portland Cement Spreader Portland Cement Spreader / Soil Stabilization Unit







30 Ton Portland Cement Capacity

Carbon Steel Construction - 192" long X 94" tall X 102" wide

12” Hydraulic drive auger system w/ dual  rear delivery auger system / Charlyn 29.8 cu. in. hydraulic motors at front and rear / Parker TB series hydraulic motors for rear delivery auger drive.  Hydraulic Oil Cooler.

Inverted “V” internal auger cover / 4” side mounted inlet / internal fill tubes.

Air lock delivery system/ hydraulic actuation.

Dust control bag house w/ 5 each 18” filter bags / 5 lb. pressure relief valve.

Vulcan model R206 electronic scale system w/ digital readout / six chassis sensors.

Used chassis available or mounted on customer truck.

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Soil Stabilization Rear Delivery


Soil Stabilization Unit

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