Agricultural Equipment

For your Agricultural Equipment needs, let DFI build your fertilizer spreader, liquid sprayer or chemical applicator.

Fertilizer Spreader - Pull type
Fertilizer Spreader - Stainless Steel - Pull type

Dry Fertilizer Spreader - Pull type

T-304 Stainless Steel Flared 10' Hopper
10 gauge hull - 3/16" floor
Stainless steel motor mount & baffles
24" stainless steel bed chain
Half-rate sprocket
30" clearance under trailer
Hydraulic spinners
Hydraulic cylinder on press wheel
2" x 6" tubular steel trailer
12,ooo pound spindles - 24,000 lb axles
10 bolt hubs - 1/2" plated rim
18.4 x 26 tires and rims
76" track
Spring Swivel Hitch

Spreads Lime also.


Truck Mounted Fertilizer Spreader
Fertilizer Spreader - Stainless Steel - Truck Mounted

Dry Fertilizer Spreader - Truck Mounted

T-304 Stainless Steel Flared Hopper
12' long x 9' 6" wide x 4' 9" above chassis
230 cubic feet
24" Stainless web chain conveyor
All hydraulic, direct drive
Parallel hydraulics
10 gauge hull - 3/16" floor
Stainless motor mounts
Stainless baffles
Stainless seal in the rear roller bearings
2" rear roller
Tandem PTO pump
Air shift PTO
40 gallon capacity oil reservoir
Stainless dishes & blades


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